5 Common Mistakes Made with Exterior Signs in Omaha NE

Exterior signs are your best tool for attracting new customers. Small business owners value these signs because they are eye-catching, approachable, memorable, and professional. That is, these markers have all of these qualities when they are done right. Unfortunately, many organizations cut corners and make mistakes that can hurt sales. To help you avoid this problem, Sign-O-vation has put together this list of 5 common mistakes made with exterior signs in Omaha NE:

1. Maintenance Failures

exterior signs in Omaha NESigns that are constructed with low-grade materials tend to require more maintenance. Fortunately, as a full-service sign shop, we can perform regular maintenance on your signage, such as power washing, checking the electrical components before they fail, cleaning out debris, and more. When you are proactive with your signs, your investment will last you longer and never reflect poorly upon your business.

2. Doing It Yourself

When you try to do something yourself, you do not always get the best results. As a matter of fact, your finished product can look like something Homer Simpson threw together when you try your hand at a task that requires professional skills. Instead, you sometimes need to rely on the expertise of a trained technician when quality matters. We have spent thousands of hours improving out sign-making skills. We can take your vision and make it a reality.

3. Failing to Plan ahead

exterior signs in Omaha NEEven if it’s just a minor update, your marker will likely change in one way or another over time. The type of sign and design you choose should accommodate for this eventuality. Sign experts will know how to create signs that allow for information changes.

4. Low-Quality Materials

If you want to see some unintentionally hilarious signage, let us know. We can provide you with some great websites. One of our favorites is the Elmhurst Emergency & Trauma Center experiencing burnt out neon letters so that the name became “lmhurt Emergency & Trauma Center.” Of course, the results aren’t always this cute. Just ask the “Nasty Buffet” (formerly Dynasty.) LEDs and routine maintenance will make these issues less likely.

5. Typos, Misinformation, and Misspellings

exterior signs in Omaha NE
It is easy to miss small typos. Just between you and us, we find them once in a while when we reread some of our old blogs. Of course, the signs we make get a lot more scrutiny. In order to get as many eyes on the sign copy as possible before we present it to you, we pass proofs around the office. It sometimes takes different perspectives to catch misinformation or an error.

From wayfinding to advertising, signage plays a crucial role for any enterprise. You run into issues when you try to save money on sign design and construction. This can cause you to lose business and thus cost you more money in the long run.

You can avoid all of the above mistakes when you call the friendly professionals at Sign-O-vation. We will make sure that you make a positive first impression while looking professional for many years to come. For a free consultation on exterior signs in Omaha NE, contact us today!

exterior signs in Omaha NE

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