6 Facts about Channel Letter Signs in Omaha NE

The next time you are in a commercial area after dark, pay special attention to the signs you see. In all likelihood, the markers that stand out most will be channel letters signs. This signage alternative is a favorite among business owners because they are extremely vivid, affordable, long lasting, and customizable. Fortunately, Sign-O-vation is one of the top makers of channel letter signs in Omaha NE. Here are some interesting facts you should know if you are considering channel letters:

1. There Are Four Basic Types of Channel Letter Signs

channel letter signs in Omaha NEThe four basic types of channel letters are

  • Front Lit Signs – These letters have translucent front faces that allow light to shine toward consumers from within.
  • Open Face Signs – These letters are essentially the same as front lit, except they have an optically-clear face that makes it appear as if they are open faced. Viewers can see the interior lamps, which creates a distinguished look.
  • Reverse Lit Signs – Rather than project light forward, the internal illumination is directed out of the back of each letter creating a halo effect on the wall the letter is mounted to.
  • Front and Reverse Lit Signs – This gives you the best characteristics of two types of letters: light illuminates the face of each letter while also creating a halo.

2. There Are Several Mounting Options for Channel Letters

Channel letters can be mounted on a panel and then installed on your building. Or, we can mount them directly to the façade of your venue. Raceways are also a popular solution. With this option, the letters are mounted on a narrow box, which holds all of the electrical wiring. The entire sign is installed at once with minimal drilling.

3. Channel Letters Are Made of Aluminum

channel letter signs in Omaha NEFor the most part, aluminum is used to create the frames of channel letter signs because it is easily worked, lightweight, and can stand up to ice, fire, sleet, sun, high winds, snow, and rain. Aluminum is also relatively affordable and simple to maintain.

4. You Can See Channel Letter Signs from Far away

From far away, you can see channel letters that are displayed against a solid color background. A good rule of thumb is to make the letters 1.5 inches high for every 25 feet you want them to be easily readable. So, you might consider fifteen-inch-high characters for viewing from 250 feet away.

5. Channel Letters Are Completely Customizable

channel letter signs in Omaha NEChannel letters can be almost any color, typeface, style, size, and graphic shape thanks to the innate flexibility of the fabrication process. Local zoning ordinances tend to be the main limitation in what we can do with channel letter signs.

6. LEDs Are Ideal for Illumination

We recommend LEDs for all of our illuminated channel letter signs because they are powerful from great distances, produce low electric bills, and allow for bright colors.

If you would like to learn more about channel letter signs in Omaha NE, contact the friendly experts at Sign-O-vation today for a free estimate.

channel letter signs in Omaha NE

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