6 Reasons to Use LED Signs in Omaha NE

There are three main choices for illuminated signs for your building: fluorescent, LED, and neon. Both fluorescent and neon lights have proven themselves reliable throughout their long history. However, due to their creative and colorful displays, LEDs have grown in popularity in recent years. Which lighting solutions is ideal for your purposes? At Sign-O-vation, we believe that LEDs are the wave of the future. Below, we will list six reasons why you should consider LED signs in Omaha NE.

1. LED Signs Are Low Maintenance

LED signs in Omaha NEIt is easy to see why LED signs have far fewer maintenance concerns than other options when you consider their even brightness, efficiency, and long lifespans. LEDs are easy to clean since they do not have fragile or hot tubes to deal with, basically never burn out, and they do not contain any glass tubes or gasses which can break or leak.

2. LED Signs are Eco-Friendly

Only about ten watts of power is needed for the typical LED sign, which is about 20 percent of that needed for neon signage. With this lower power demand, you can adhere to stricter energy standards, make a significant reduction in your lighting costs, and you put less strain on the environment. Plus, LEDs do not have argon, mercury, or other toxic gasses.

3. LED Signs Have a Better Look

LED signs in Omaha NEYou know it can sometimes feel like a losing battle trying to keep your fluorescent or neon sign consistently bright and fully lit. It seems as if one or more lights is always dimmer than the rest of the sign or needs replacing. This can reflect poorly upon your enterprise sending the message that you do not pay attention to details.

4. LED Signs Have More Options

You can use virtually any combination of LED lights to create all kinds of color changes, movements, animations, and digital flashes. You just cannot do this with fluorescent or neon signs. LED signs consist of many separate lights that can be programmed to fade, light up, or flash independently. This makes it easier for you to catch the eyes of consumers.

5. LED Signs Are Thinner

LED signs in Omaha NEManufacturers can make LED signs much thinner because they do not have tubes. For example, basic neon signs are at least three inches thick, but LED markers can be as thin as one inch. This allows for more versatility in how you use your signage.

6. LED Signs Are Long Lasting

Top-quality LEDs can last for up to 100,000 hours of continuous use, which works out to six years longer than the alternatives. They also maintain a consistent brightness throughout their lifespan.

The type of illumination that is best for your sign depends on what you hope to achieve since neon and LED signs are similar in price. If you want a marker that will get noticed and stand out from the crowd while saving you money on maintenance and energy, then LEDs are the way to go. For a free consultation on LED signs in Omaha NE, contact the friendly experts at Sign-O-vation today!

LED signs in Omaha NE

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