ADA Signs

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ADA signs shouldn’t be about what is required legally but about signaling to your employees and consumers that your business is inclusive and accessible to all. Every business in any industry will require ADA signage on the premises, both inside and outside your establishment.
Despite specific parameters around size, colors, placement, and font, there is still room for you to customize ADA signs to strengthen your brand’s identity.

ADA-compliant signs include:

ADA Sign Location Requirements

Before we get to the creative elements of ADA signs, there are a few practicalities and logistics to consider.

The following locations require ADA-compliant signs:

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ADA Sign Style Requirements

You must comply with a few style requirements like size, placement, colors, characters and symbols, typography, and spacing. If ADA signs are invisible and hard to read, they fail to perform their main function – to make everyone feel safe and welcome regardless of ability.

Consider including sensory elements, like braille, raised characters, or auditory features.

Our team will ensure that your signs comply with all the legal requirements.

Branding ADA Signs

While there are many legal requirements, our team will work with you to find ways to incorporate your brand personality. You can incorporate materials, styles, and colors to ensure that all ADA signs comply with the law and reinforce your brand identity.

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