The Appeal of Sandblasted Signs in Omaha NE

Whether you operate a café, salon, manufacturing business, or any other type of enterprise, you can benefit from sandblasted signs when you are going for an artistic, traditional appearance to attract new customers. These signs appeal to a broad audience with their custom, rustic look. Fortunately, Sign-O-vation is one of the premier sign shops for sandblasted signs in Omaha NE. Let’s take a closer look at this signage solution.

What Are Sandblasted Signs?

sandblasted signs in Omaha NESandblasted signs are made by utilizing a high-pressure jet of sand and air to wear away parts of a sign substrate. In order to make other areas of the sign stand out, different sections are blasted away. We begin by using a rubber masking to cover the surface of the material. In the sections where we want to blast away the material, we remove the masking to expose the substrate. We then use a high-powered jet of sand directed at the panel to eradicate the exposed areas of the marker to a specific depth.

The text and graphics are usually the parts that are left over. They have a dimensional look that really grabs attention. Lastly, we paint the sign and apply finishes that give it whatever textured appearance you want.

The materials that we sandblast have changed over the years. It used to be that we would only sandblast redwood cedar and other real hardwoods. However, nowadays, chopping down trees to create a sign is no longer a popular option. To fill this new demand, synthetic materials were created. High-density urethane (HDU), or sign foam, is among the most requested of these. In fact, HDU is now used for nine out of ten sandblasted signs.

How Are Sandblasted Signs Used?

sandblasted signs in Omaha NEBusinesses usually install sandblasted signs that serve as primary identification. They are commonly used as part of a post and panel monument sign or on the exterior of their building. They are also used as small hanging signs under larger markers, entrance signs to subdivisions and office parks, suite signs, and as address markers for private residences.

Organizations situated in historic districts, in municipalities that are trying to nurture a quaint look, and in certain business parks are often times required to use sandblasted wood or sign foam signs. Apartment complexes also choose sandblasted sign foam panels because of their durability and aesthetic appeal.

There are dozens of tackle shops and bed and breakfasts in the Omaha metropolitan area. These enterprises like to come to us for sandblasted signs when they want a classic look. Sandblasted signs are also an excellent choice for law firms, architects, bakeries, and other companies.

Are You in Need of Sandblasted Signs?

sandblasted signs in Omaha NEIf you are unsure about what signs are best for your facility, we can help! Sign-O-vation will travel to your venue and perform a site survey. Before making any suggestions, we also listen to your vision for your signage. We then make recommendations that are perfect for your goals and budget.

Contact our friendly experts today for a free consultation on sandblasted signs in Omaha NE.


The Appeal of Sandblasted Signs in Omaha NE


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