Cabinet Signs Are the Smart Choice for Business Owners in Lincoln NE

Do your customers have a tough time finding your store? Are you hoping to get the most out of a small marketing budget? Or, are the businesses surrounding your shop outshining you? If any of these scenarios hit close to home, it may be time for you to consider cabinet signs in Lincoln NE. Sign-O-vation is one of the top providers of cabinet signs for local organizations. Let’s look at what is possible with this visual branding solution.

How Are Cabinet Signs Made?

cabinet signs in Omaha NEAlso known as lightbox cabinets, electric sign cabinets, and illuminated cabinet signs, these markers are constructed utilizing high-quality electrical components and extruded aluminum. Heavy-duty car-grade paint and a powder coat are applied to the frame to protect it from the Nebraska weather. The cabinets get their signature look from the plastic push-through elements used for the faces. We are also able to vacuum-form the faces for added durability.

We typically suggest using LEDs for the light source. These lights are a little bit more expensive, but they almost immediately pay for themselves with lower utility costs. Additionally, LEDs last for up to ten years of nonstop use. This cuts down on your maintenance costs and is good for Mother Nature. And, LEDs are unaffected by cold temperatures, unlike neon or fluorescent lights.

Cabinet Sign Options

cabinet signs in Lincoln NEThere are several types of cabinet signs in Lincoln NE. The three main categories of lightbox cabinets are:

Pylon Cabinet Signs – When you want to rise above your rivals, pole and pylon signs are the way to go. These markers are utilized for primary site identification, informational purposes, and to give direction. They make a strong statement and are easy to see. Companies with highway frontage can especially benefit from pylon cabinet signs.

Illuminated Cabinet Monument Signs – Monument signs are found just about anywhere there is an entrance to an organization’s parking area. Illuminated cabinet monument markers serve the same purpose as other monuments. They assist guests and clients in their search for your storefront. An illuminated monument sign is necessary for any business open at night.

Cabinet Building Signs – Building signs are defined as any marker that is installed directly to the façade of your venue. One of the most popular types of cabinet building signs is a one-sided, illuminated cabinet flush-mounted to your facility. We apply your branding and other vibrant graphics to the acrylic face of the cabinet using digitally printed vinyl.

The Advantages of Cabinet Signs

cabinet signs in Lincoln NEIf you are still on the fence about cabinet signs, consider these facts:

  • There are many different display options
  • Lightbox cabinets are built to last for years or even decades
  • Cabinets can be personalized to fit your needs no matter what shape or size you want
  • They can help your enterprise gain exposure 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • If your business moves, your cabinet signs can go with you

For a free consultation on illuminated cabinet signs, contact the friendly professionals at Sign-O-vation today.

cabinet signs in Lincoln NE

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