Cabinet Signs

Increase Visibility

Cabinet signs are a classic storefront and business sign solution. Versatile and durable, these illuminated box signs will grab the attention of commuters and pedestrians, driving more traffic to your business and increasing awareness and interest.

Types of cabinet signs:

Exterior Cabinet Signs

Cabinets signs are designed to thrive in an outdoor environment. Fabricate the cabinet sign from durable materials that can handle external threats and won’t fade in the sun and ensure a long-lasting exterior sign that upholds the integrity of your brand.

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Choosing the Right Style Cabinet Sign

The goal and purpose of the exterior cabinet sign will determine the style. Having multiple cabinet signs can increase brand visibility and help guide your customers to your front door for some businesses.

Consider the consumer journey and your physical location. A cabinet pole sign for a business located on a busy street, highway, or intersection will raise your brand above the competition and reach people from greater distances, giving commuters plenty of warning to make the right maneuvers on the road to get to your business safely.

Consistent Design Aesthetics

The number one function of signs is to inform and guide your target audience. Consistent design aesthetics, like color-matching, materials, and imagery, will strengthen brand awareness, improve the consumer experience, and build a strong brand identity that is easy to recognize.

Simplifying the consumer journey and providing excellent signs to guide their way will increase affinity and create positive associations with your brand.

Illuminated Cabinet Signs

Cabinet signs are illuminated from within, highlighting your brand with a bright glow and increasing visibility any time of day and in any weather.

LED lighting options are low-maintenance, high-performance, and keep down the cost of energy.

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