Dimensional Brand Signs

Make your sign come to life

Great signage will embody your brand personality and make it come to life. Dimensional brand signs will literally pop off the wall. There are many customizable features to build a strong brand identity. We collaborate with clients to find the right materials, style, and techniques to capture your brand and deliver a clear brand message that resonates with your target audience.

Customizable features of dimensional brand signs:

Individually Cut and Shaped 3D Letters

There are two parts to a great dimensional brand sign – capturing your brand aesthetic and personality and tailoring the logo sign to flow with the physical location. The two parts work together to deliver a strong brand message and enhance the user experience.

Dimensional brand signs are often composed of individually cut lettering, shapes, and symbols. This technique allows us to tailor the sign to flow harmoniously with the environment, whether it’s an indoor sign or an outdoor sign.

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Cost-Effective Branding

We work within your budget to find the right techniques and branding solutions. Materials like plastic, foam, and acrylic can be shaped, carved, and sculpted with precision to make your brand come to life while keeping costs low.

Sturdy and weather-resistant materials for long-lasting signs ensure that your dimensional brand signs continue to look great for years, increasing the ROI.

Custom Lighting Solutions

Whether the sign will be indoors or outdoors, custom lighting solutions always add an extra dimension to give the sign an extra wow factor.

Channel letters are popular for dimensional brand signs, but flat-cut letters and 3D letters are also used frequently. It all depends on what will serve your brand best.

Custom lighting solutions include:

Accessibility Toolbar