Ensure Customers Can Find You with Directory and Wayfinding Signs in Omaha NE

It should be easy for guests to find where they need to go when they first arrive at your building. Sure, it may be simple for you to find your way around since you are there every day, but your venue may seem like an elaborate labyrinth to outsiders. This is why it is crucial for you to evaluate your campus’s wayfinding signage and to make improvements or additions when needed. At Sign-O-vation, we have experience going through facilities and pointing out where directional signs would be useful. Here are some tips to help your organization.

Where to Install Wayfinding Signs

Directory and Wayfinding Signs in Omaha NERight as visitors arrive at your campus or building, they should be able to locate directories. Directional signs should be situated at each point of entry on large campuses. And, in order to keep guests on track, there should be markers at each intersection or fork in the road. A sign naming all business should be located at the entrance to your parking area if you operate a multi-tenant facility. For fast, easy navigation, bronze outdoor signs may be used to point out specific units.

Directory and wayfinding signs in Omaha NE should be simple to understand. This is possible with large, clean letters featuring bold colors. It is time for an update if you already have signs, but they are faded or cracked. To save on time and frustration, arrows should clearly direct visitors to specific sets of suite numbers or buildings where necessary. Also, all of your signs should be kept free from any obstructions. Ensure your markers are not blocked by shrubs, trees, or other hindrances by checking them regularly.

Unique Wayfinding Signs

Directory and Wayfinding Signs in Omaha NEMost property managers are just concerned with making sure their directional signs serve their utilitarian purposes. This is okay if you are interested in having a bland, nondescript building. However, if you want to show off your innovative side while boosting your brand awareness consider these unique options:

Directional Wall Ribbons – “Follow the yellow brick road.” Even a brainless scarecrow can understand those directions. You can have your own yellow brick road when you install wall ribbons. Starting near your entrance, you can have different colors for each business, department, or office that the ribbons lead to.

Curved Blade Signs – Most wayfinding signs you will see are flush-mounted to a wall. This is not very helpful if you are walking down a long corridor and are trying to find the room you want. Blade signs address this problem since they are perpendicular to the wall.

Directory and Wayfinding Signs in Omaha NE

Custom Branded Signage – Directional signs are ideal for exposing people to your branding. We can create your signage to use your corporate colors and fonts. We can also add your company’s logo to the marker. Consumers must be exposed to your brand as much as possible in order for you to build recognition. Your signs are just another way to get your logo out there.

If you are ready to make your campus easier to navigate, contact Sign-O-vation today for a free consultation on directory and wayfinding signs in Omaha NE.

Directory and Wayfinding Signs in Omaha NE

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