Is Going All out too Expensive? Consider Partial Vehicle Wraps in Omaha NE

We have all seen the flashy full vehicle wraps on the streets of Omaha. It is hard to miss them! You may have thought about getting a full wrap for your company car. Or, perhaps, you even got a quote but decided against it because it was too pricey. Did you know that you can come close to getting the same look as a full wrap at a fraction of the price with partial vehicle wraps in Omaha NE? It’s true. Read on to learn more!

Do You Need a Wrap?

partial vehicle wraps in Omaha NEWorld-renowned vinyl manufacturer 3M has done research on how effective vehicle wraps are. Their studies have found that 97 percent of consumers recalled trucks with advertisements on them, and 98 percent of respondents believed the ad reflected positively on the business’s overall image. In addition, they calculate that you spend approximately $0.48 for every thousand people you reach with a wrap. This compares to $21.46 for magazine ads and $19.70 for every one thousand people you reach with newspaper spots.

Types of Partial Wraps

partial vehicle wraps in Omaha NEThere are essentially three types of partial wrap coverage alternatives:

  • One-Quarter Wraps – We generally focus on the door areas for a 25 percent coverage display. We will also talk with you about vehicle graphics if you want even less coverage.
  • Half Wraps – With 50 percent coverage, we assist you with choosing which sections of your car you might want to cover with graphics.
  • Three-Quarter Wraps – The colorful graphics cover approximately 75 percent of the truck’s surface with this setup. It is just a step down from the full wrap, which gives 100 percent coverage (except for the windows).

Our Graphic Designers Will Have Your Vehicle Looking Its Best

partial vehicle wraps in Omaha NEYou need a professional design consultation if you want a successful partial vehicle wrap. Our technicians will then create a graphics display that communications your message with images specific to your industry. We have state of the art color matching software that makes it easy for us to make sure your wrap matches your other marketing materials. This is a must for maintaining brand consistency.

Professional Installation Will Complete the Look

Once we have designed a look you are happy with, the wrap is printed on vinyl films, specifically designed for use on cars, using a large-format digital printer and high-quality inks. The installation of your graphics is perhaps the most important step in the process. Our skilled installers patiently apply the wrap to perfectly fit your vehicle. You should plan on being without your car for the day since a quality installation takes time, but in the end, you will have a wrap that will last you for up to five years or more.

Turn to Sign-O-vation for Your Partial Wrap Needs

When you call Sign-O-vation, our professional graphic designers will work with the shape, contours, and colors of your truck, van, or car to create a partial wrap you are happy with. We can make display recommendations and incorporate your corporate colors, fonts, and logo into the design. You will see exactly what you are getting before you ever spend a dime.

For a free consultation and quote on partial vehicle wraps in Omaha NE, contact us today!

partial vehicle wraps in Omaha NE

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