Your Guide to Yard Signs for Lincoln NE

Just a few months ago, yards were choked with signs promoting various ballot measures and political candidates. These days, these markers have just about disappeared. However, yard signs continue to be an effective advertising medium. Below, we will look at how you can market your enterprise with yard signs for Lincoln NE.

When Is the Best Time to Use Yard Signs?

yard signs in Lincoln NEThe short answer is anytime! Yard signs are popular because they motivate potential customers to take action. All of us look for lawn signs when they are along the side of the road or on street corners. It is a different story during campaign season. Consumers get information overload when there are dozens of signs at one intersection, and they tend to ignore them all. Fortunately, this clutter is gone, and your organization has plenty of room to fill the void and drive sales.

Yard Signs Defined

yard signs in Lincoln NECommonly called road signs, placards, bandit signs, and lawn signs, yard signs are small promotional signs that are generally staked into the ground in high-traffic areas using wireframes, such as H-frames. Corrugated plastic, or “coroplast,” is used for the yard sign panel. Coroplast is essentially a hollow plastic sheet that is fabricated to be quite rugged. They get incredible strength and mechanical resistance from the plastic walls that link the panel’s faces.

24” by 18” and 18” by 12” are the two most popular sizes. You usually see some of the bigger signs competing for street-corner attention during the election cycle. We may revert to wood structures to ensure stability when working with larger lawn signs. The most common yard sign shape is rectangular, but we can make coroplast panels of any shape using our innovative router cutters.

Within the coroplast boards are small piles known as “flutes.” Since yard signs are commonly kept in place by inserting the metal H-frame in the flutes, it is always important to know if your sign needs vertical or horizontal flutes.

How We Make Yard Signs

yard signs in Lincoln NEWe add graphics to coroplast sheets using three basic methods. They are:

  1. Directly printing your graphics onto the coroplast
  2. Cutting letters from a sheet of vinyl and applying it to the board
  3. Using a large format digital printer to print high-res graphics on vinyl adhesive films, adding an overlaminate, and adhering the graphics to the coroplast panel

Where to Use Yard Signs

You can usually get permission to install yard signs in the following places:

  • On the property of local celebrities or high-profile businesses to demonstrate endorsement
  • In the yards of homes you have worked on
  • Near busy intersections
  • In other towns to direct traffic to your website
  • In targeted neighborhoods where your demographic tends to live

Additionally, keep track of where your yard signs are installed using a map. Drive around every week or so to see if they are still in place. Signs do disappear once in a while. Thankfully, you can replace them affordably.

Contact Sign-O-vation today for a free consultation if you are interested in using yard signs in Lincoln NE.

yard signs in Lincoln NE

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