How Your Business Can Benefit from Window Privacy Films in Columbus NE

Glass is a major design element within today’s office and retail spaces. It is a popular alternative because it makes a usually drab office setting seem more open and larger, and it allows in more natural light. However, there is not much privacy in these contemporary buildings. Privacy is a must in a productive workplace whether you are trying to get work done or you just want to hold a meeting. Thankfully, Sign-O-vation is one of the premier providers of window privacy films in Columbus NE. This blog will explore your options and how this product is used.

Window Film Options

window privacy films in Columbus NEThere are three types of window films we like to suggest based on what you are trying to achieve:

Security Window Film – Security and safety window films offer different levels of protection against vandalism, break-ins, force, shattering, and extreme weather. Security film is typically costlier because the materials are more rugged, but if you are in a high-crime area, it may be worth the additional expenditure.

Etched Vinyl Window Film – It used to be common to hire a glass-etching professional to come to your office and etch designs or text in your windows. This was a cost-prohibitive design touch for many businesses. Fortunately, vinyl adhesive films can mimic the same look. Allow light in and obscure the view into a room with frosted or etched vinyl.

Sun Control Window Film – During the sweltering summer months, sun control window film is an energy-efficient, affordable method for preventing heat gain from window panes. In the winter, it reduces heat loss. Plus, these films also make it hard to see in your windows. You can keep clients, visitors, and staff from being blinded by the sun’s glare by using sun control film.

How Are Window Privacy Films Used?

window privacy films in Columbus NELocal business owners are installing window films in their venues for the following purposes:

Keep Meetings Private – You need a way to keep employees, visitors, and clients from feeling uncomfortable when you have huge floor-to-ceiling glass windows around your conference rooms. You can block the view of prying eyes with nothing more than a four-foot-wide band of frosted or etched vinyl window film.

Showcase Names and Logos – Window films are not just for utilitarian purposes. You can also use them to build your brand recognition. We are able to remove your logo from the film so that your branding is on display in the negative space.

Add Decorative Flair to Your Venue – When you want your business to appear innovative, you need your workplace to have a sophisticated appearance. You add a distinguished decorative touch with etched vinyl.

Remove the Distraction of Glass Partitions – You can use frosted vinyl films on glass partitions separating cubicles to give workers a level of privacy and keep them from getting distracted.

window privacy films in Columbus NEThis is just a sampling of the many ways that you can use window privacy films in Columbus NE. Sign-O-vation can provide you with a broad array of suggestions and project ideas that will enhance your establishment. Contact our friendly experts today for a free quote.

window privacy films in Columbus NE

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