The Importance of ADA Signs in Omaha NE

All government buildings, large employers, retailers, medical offices, and service providers in Nebraska must have Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant signage. However, for organizations with a lot on their plate already, it can be difficult figuring out precisely what signs are required. Fortunately, the professionals at Sign-O-vation have put together this guide to ADA signs in Omaha NE to help you learn about what markers you need.

The Many Signs Covered by ADA Guidelines

ADA signs in Omaha NEInside of your building, the only rooms that need ADA signs are the ones that serve a permanent use. For instance, you would not need to have ADA compliant signs for a room that started as a file room, was converted to a copy room, and is now a storage closet. But, ADA signs are a must when you have a meeting room that does not change its function over the course of several years.

Unless the furniture is bolted to the floor, the ADA does not require you to label individual office cubicles. Yet, since it is inexpensive and helpful, we still suggest that you add compliant numerical signs to identify cubicles. It is typically worth the effort to do more than the bare minimum to make your building more accessible since it will help visitors and workers find their way around.

Does the ADA Only Apply to Room Signs?

ADA signs in Omaha NEThe guidelines cover much more than room signs. For example, to be in compliance, you must label all exit routes and exits in your building. Additionally, signs used to identify stairwells and exit doors that lead outside or to hallways should incorporate Braille.

The ADA defines temporary signage as signs that are only in use for seven days or less. These markers do not need to be compliant. You need to be careful with this, though. We often see tradeshow, convention, and event organizers cover up exit signs and other wayfinding markers with temporary signs that share information about or promote a seminar or conference. You should never do this since it makes those signs non-compliant.

Signage Displaying Your Business’s Name Does Not Need to Comply

ADA signs in Omaha NEThe regulations do not cover the display of your company’s name. However, if you want people of all abilities to be able to find you, it just makes sense to use non-glare, high-contrast signs to showcase your organization’s name.

You should also keep in mind that you may no longer be in compliance if you have made alterations to your venue since you last updated your signs. You should call the friendly experts at Sign-O-vation for a free consultation if you want to know for sure whether or not you have sufficient signage. We will perform a site survey and let you know about what markers are needed to bring you up to code. We can then supply you with a broad range of solutions that fit your vision, budget, and branding.

If you are interested in learning more about ADA signs in Omaha NE, contact us today.

ADA signs in Omaha NE

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