Where Should You Install Your Lobby Sign?

The answer to this question is pretty obvious, right? Lobby signs go in your lobby. But, what if you do not have a lobby? Or, what if there is no place in your lobby where a sign would be appropriate? You might think that in these instances, it might be best to forego a sign. However, any business with a physical location should have a marker featuring their name and logo in order to invite customers in. If you are unsure about where to install your lobby signs in Omaha NE, consider these locations:

Waiting Rooms

lobby signs in Omaha NEIf you have designed a waiting area for your guests, why not liven it up with some eye-catching and engaging signage? When your clients take a seat, their first instinct is to look around. Put wall graphics or a lobby sign in your waiting room to take advantage of this time and to make a strong impression. Consider featuring your business’s products, services, and mission along with your name and logo. Use this space to educate visitors about what your enterprise does.

Reception Areas

lobby signs in Omaha NEReception areas are a popular place for lobby signs. In fact, lobby signs are even sometimes referred to as reception area signs. You can help create a welcoming and professional image for your business when you put a lobby sign behind your reception desk. You give your guests the impression that you are a helpful and hospitable enterprise to work with when you use your signage in conjunction with having a receptionist with a warm welcoming smile.


You can still put a lobby sign to good use even if you do not have a reception area, waiting room, or a lobby. The perfect spot for your lobby sign would then be the corridor outside of your organization’s suite. This is especially true if your enterprise is situated in a commercial building with one level containing many units. Since guests do not know which suite is yours, finding your unit can be overwhelming. Show them they have found the right business with signage featuring your logo and name.

The First Sight

lobby signs in Omaha NEWhat if your property management company or landlord will not allow you to put signage or graphics in the hallway outside of your unit? Now is the time to give up on lobby signs, right? Not so fast! When visitors first walk into your office, what is the first wall that they see? This is the ideal location for your logo sign. In this case, you need to keep in mind from how far away your sign needs to be visible. If this first sight location is a great distance from your entrance, you will want to go with a larger sign to ensure people can easily see your branding.

If you need help picking the right spot for your signage, let us help! At Sign-O-vation, we specialize in sign design, fabrication, and installation services for a variety of different organization in all types of buildings. For a free consultation on lobby signs in Omaha NE, contact our friendly experts today!

lobby signs in Omaha NE

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