Is a Monument Sign Right For Your Business?

Clear signage and engaging decorative touches are key features of any successful retail venture. This often extends beyond the physical business site in the form of big monument signs near the entrance of shopping areas to direct and appeal to potential customers.

Make Your Retail Location Stand Out

Large signs announcing which businesses share a certain shopping center or building are a common sight for the modern consumer. For stores and professional sites that are not clearly noticeable from the road, highly visible monument signs make it possible to attract significant customer traffic. Many places of business and professional locations, like colleges, doctor offices, and plaza shopping malls, use large-scale announcements to avoid confusion and promote proper day-to-day function. 

Maybe your store is on its own, unattached to other retail locations, but sits back from a driveway and is partly obscured by trees. Or perhaps your business is one part of a large complex of other businesses, all vying for the attention of shoppers. In both cases, whether employing one’s own monument or sharing one with other businesses, a large sign in front is crucial to let passersby’s know what shopping opportunities are available.

Detailed Manufacture and Outfitting

As with all business ventures, signage must be clear and aesthetically pleasing. Well-made monument signs can be made from various materials, including stone, steel with acrylic signage, brick, and options like a sturdy foam to imitate brick. For increased visibility and more visual allure, lighting is a fantastic feature to employ, whether from inlaid LEDs, lighting on the landscape aimed at the sign, or lettering lit up from within. Business owners can also choose to include a variety of colors, fonts, and finishes to create an exterior display that represents their company with professional design and positivity.

Contact Sign-O-Vation today to create the perfect exterior monument to enhance the presence of your business and further promote your success. 

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