Make Your Office Stand Out With Professional Branding and Interior Graphics

Office branding plays an important role in the workplace, creating culture and establishing identity. When your team works in the same space, it’s important to create an office environment that inspires productivity and collaboration. Interior graphics help you do just that with bold and eye-catching graphics on walls, furniture, cubicles, whiteboards, lockers, and beyond! By choosing graphic design elements that reflect your company’s values and brand voice in a fun and creative way, you can make your office stand out in today’s competitive job market. Here are some ways to do that.

How to Get Started With Office Branding

Take advantage of empty walls to brand your business

You have just signed on your team, and now you’re trying to think of the perfect way to impress them. Why not brand your office? Whether it be through graphics or furnishings, there are many ways to get creative. Ask for some ideas from your team or even post a quick, informal poll. Share any positive feedback via social media for visibility. If you need help deciding what design to go with, use the internet! There are so many sites out there that offer inspiration. Make sure to use this opportunity as an excuse to visit new websites that offer tips and tricks too! Lastly, don’t forget about color schemes when designing your space. There is no wrong choice in regards to color but keep in mind that certain colors can make people feel different emotions (i.e., blue might create feelings of calmness).

Where to Install Interior Graphics for Maximum Effect

You should focus your interior graphics on the public areas of your office, where you’ll be spending the most time. That includes reception, meeting rooms, cafeteria/kitchen, bathrooms, and hallways. For the best effect in public spaces, use large-scale posters or wall murals. Wall murals will make an impression on passersby as they walk by your office space. Here are some tips for designing well-thought interior graphics:

  • Think through what you want to achieve before selecting the graphic and color. 
  • Make sure it is cohesive throughout your office. 
  • If your company has a quirky feel, make sure the design reflects that. 
  • Be consistent – don’t have mismatched graphics scattered about the space. 
  • Balance your creativity with practicality.

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