What You Need to Know about ADA Signs in Lincoln NE

What do retail stores, doctor’s offices, top employers, service providers, and local government offices all have in common? They are all required to have ADA compliant interior signs. There still seems to be a lot of confusion surrounding the signage requirements set out in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). To shed a little bit of light on the subject, the experts at Sign-O-vation have put together this Q&A about interior ADA signs in Lincoln NE.

Do the ADA Regulations Cover All Interior Signs?

ADA signs in Lincoln NEThe standards set forth by the ADA only cover permanent-use rooms. For example, if a room serves as a copy room, changes its function to become a storage closet, and then changes once again to serve as a file room, it most likely would not have to have the ADA required signage. On the other hand, a conference room that does not change its use over the years would need ADA compliant signs.

According to the rules, you do not have to label your office cubicles with ADA signs if the furniture is not bolted to the floor. Yet, you may want to help your employees and others with wayfinding by adding compliant signs that identify office cubicles. There are usually affordable options available, and going above and beyond the rule of law is generally worth it to make your facility easier for everyone to access.

Are Room Signs the Only Markers that Must Meet ADA Standards?

ADA signs in Lincoln NEOf course not! For instance, exits must be clearly marked in a way that complies with the Act. Plus, you must also use Grade II Braille to identify stairwells and exit doors that lead to corridors or to the outside.

Are There ADA Requirements for Temporary Signs?

ADA signs in Lincoln NEThe ADA defines temporary signs as any markers that are in use for a week or less. These signs do not have to be in compliance. However, your exit signs and other directional markers must always follow the guidelines. So, it is a big no-no to cover these up with temporary signs, even if you are hosting a conference and seminar and you think it will improve the décor.

Does Your Business’s Name Have to Be Displayed in a Compliant Manner?

You do not have to display your enterprise’s name in a compliant way. But, it does make sense to have any suite signs that mention your name meet the requirements if you want people of all abilities to be able to find you.

Additionally, you may no longer be in compliance if you have made any significant changes to your office since you last updated your interior ADA signs in Lincoln NE. The best way to be sure you are still within the law is to contact the friendly professionals at Sign-O-vation for a consultation. We will perform a site evaluation and show you where your signs need to be updated. We are able to supply you with a range of custom solutions that fit your goals, budget, and décor.

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ADA signs in Lincoln NE

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