Post & Panel Signs

Fundamental to your business

It doesn’t get more classic than a post and panel sign. What makes the sign unique are the personal touches you add to the design process. You can customize the post and the panel to achieve your goals and capture your brand personality and identity.

Types of Post and Panel Signs:

Post and Panel Wayfinding Signs

Providing directions, information, and properly identifying your commercial property buildings, departments, and locations is fundamental to customer service. Strategic placement is key. Consider every step, turn, and pieces of information that people need to find their way and get to their destination.

Customize post and panel signs in size and height to make them easily identifiable and legible. Find a balance between style and substance, ensuring that they achieve their function and look good in their environment.

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Customize Post and Panel Signs

Post and panel signs should carry your brand signature and identify with your brand aesthetic.

Color – Choose a dominant brand color and a recognizable graphic – like a logo, symbol, or pattern – that will tie every sign together into one cohesive collection. Aesthetic cohesion improves the efficacy of your signs and inspires confidence and trust with consumers.

Font – Use a signature font. However, make sure that each sign is legible at a glance. If swooping cursive typography is part of your brand identity, find a font with a similar look and style but is easier to read.

Durable materials – Materials have a big impact on the tone and style of the sign. While wood is a classic post and panel material, other durable materials are metal and aluminum.

Real Estate and Construction Signs

The wooden post and panel sign are popular among real estate agents and construction businesses. While these signs are often temporary, the wooden posts and a custom-designed and printed panel will make you look more professional and upscale.

Make a great impression on the local neighborhood and gain a strong brand reputation with custom post and panel signs.

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