Protect Workers and Visitors with These Safety Signs in Lincoln NE

Signs are important for branding, advertising, and marketing reasons. Yet, government agencies, such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), also require you to have specific signage to meet federal requirements. Additionally, there are other markers that may not be mandatory but that you should consider having to keep your employees, guests, and the public safe. To help your organization avoid accidents, Sign-O-vation has put together this guide to a few of the most important safety signs in Lincoln NE.

Slips, Trips, and Falls Signage

safety signs in Lincoln NE
Some of the most common and costly hazards in the workplace are slip, trip, and fall injuries. When a cord is in a walkway, a box falls out of place, there is a step-down, or an uneven surface, serious injuries can occur. Avoid these accidents by installing a caution sign.

Electrical Safety Markers

Electrical safety is always an important topic when it comes to workplace safety. Countless deaths every year can be attributed to improper precautions taken when employees come in contact with electricity. In fact, of OSHA’s ten most cited hazards, three are electricity violations. You should post high voltage signs anywhere there is a threat of contact with dangerous electrical currents.

Danger Confined Space Signs

Your workers are not meant to continuously occupy confined spaces. However, it is sometimes necessary to enter these areas for various tasks, such as maintenance. You let workers know that only certain trained employees should enter these places when you install Danger Confined Space signage.

PPE Signs

safety signs in Lincoln NEMany construction sites and high-risk areas require everyone who enters to wear personal protective equipment (PPE), like safety vests, hard hats, safety glasses, safety boots, and more. Your workers may be well-trained on the safety precautions, but others are not. Post PPE signs to let visitors know how to stay safe.

Danger Flammable Signage

Anywhere there is a material, chemical, or substance that is capable of causing a fire, you need to have Danger Flammable signs. Automotive garages typically need these markers.

Machine Safety Signs

When working in the presence of heavy machinery, it is important that your workers know the functions of all of the equipment to ensure they stay out of harm’s way. Equipment that starts up without warning poses a significant threat when it comes to amputations, caught-in injuries, and lacerations. With the right signs, you can remind employees of proper lockout tag out procedures.

Authorized Personnel Only Markers

safety signs in Lincoln NEAt times, some of us may be a little nosier than we should be. We want to know what is going on in areas where we maybe shouldn’t be. You can identify sites that are only open to people with certain credentials with Authorized Personnel Only and No Trespassing signs at entry points.

Safety hazards are not prevented with safety signs. Yet, when it comes to decreasing the number of accidents on your campus, markers can help a lot. When you have cohesive, clear, and consistent messaging, you will provide a strong foundation for safety.

We supply a wide selection of standard safety markers along with custom signage featuring your precise branding and text. Get started today by contacting the friendly professionals at Sign-O-vation for a free quote on safety signs in Lincoln NE.

safety signs in Lincoln NE

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