Sign Permitting

We Follow the Rules

The vast majority of exterior signs will require permitting, especially electric signs and digital displays. We consider the local bylaws, zoning laws, and other installation rules at the start of the sign design process. Acquiring the necessary permits is an essential step to the success of your sign.

Permitting Ensures Every Sign, Both Interior and Exterior, Complies With:

Acquiring Permits

Permits are required to ensure safety and equity among fellow business owners. During the initial stages of the sign design process, we handle the acquisition of all permits and incorporate all the rules and specifications set by the city.

Another benefit of local bylaws and regulations is creating a cohesive aesthetic for the entire area and neighborhood and ensure fair competition among businesses. Complying with both will benefit everyone and attract more shoppers.

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Size Restrictions

Bigger isn’t always better. A sign should flow with the surroundings in proportion and size and ensure safe installation methods to avoid injuring pedestrians or damaging the building facade and surrounding structures.

Aesthetic Restrictions

A city may also impose size and aesthetic restrictions to ensure that the local atmosphere is pleasing and cohesive. Consistency in sign aesthetics between businesses creates a more attractive space, attracting more business for everyone.

Local city ordinances and style requirements could be a factor in color, texture, lighting, and various materials. All of this is taken into consideration by our team at the start of the process.

We find ways to meet the local rules and regulations while maintaining your brand integrity and identity in the sign’s design and final installation.

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