How Are Your Signs Holding up This Winter?

Despite only getting a couple of feet of snow each year, the Nebraska winters can be harsh. And, this winter is proving to be no different. For this trying season, you need to take the time to consider if your exterior signs are prepared to make it through the weather-related challenges that are still ahead. Fortunately, Sign-O-vation knows a thing or two about protecting your signs during the cold season, and if disaster strikes, we can help with winter signage repair in Lincoln NE.

Tips for Signage in the Winter

winter signage repair in Lincoln NEDifferent types of signs have different needs as the winter progresses. Below, we will go over how to prepare each type for a storm.

Illuminated Signs

Most illuminated signs are designed to stand up to the elements. Plus, they make your business easy to find even in the middle of a blizzard. It is crucial that your lighted signs are completely sealed so that water cannot get in and cause permanent damage. Additionally, the sun is setting earlier in the day now, so remember to turn your signs on in the afternoon.

Sidewalk Signs

winter signage repair in Lincoln NEThe signs you use in front of your storefront along busy streets are important in difficult traveling conditions. Keep the following tips in mind:

  • Sidewalk signs generally come with a base that you should fill with sand or water to keep them in place.
  • Ensure that your markers are close enough to the road to be visible on even the foggiest, darkest days.
  • If possible, secure your signage to something more stable.
  • A-frame signs should be set up as securely as possible so they do not blow away.

You might just want to protect your sidewalk signs and bring them into storage for the season rather than put them in harm’s way when they are not vital to the functioning and marketing of your enterprise.

Post and Panel Sign Systems

winter signage repair in Lincoln NEKeeping post and panel signs secure in harsh weather can be tough. The post and panel sign needs to have adequate support. For the more heavy duty systems, the winter should leave them unfazed. But, if you have a temporary sign for construction site identification, additional supporting posts may be needed.


Some banners are designed to stand up to every type of weather. Others are simply eaten up by the winter climate. Even if you tied them up as securely as possible, they can still get free and be quite dangerous in the worst storms. If you are unsure about your banners, take them down when the forecast calls for doom and gloom. Bungee cords work better than cable ties if you do leave them up.

No matter the type of marker, be sure to keep your signage clean from dust and grime to increase visibility. And, if you do experience damage to your signs or if you just want help protecting your markers in the weather, please contact the friendly professionals at Sign-O-vation for winter signage repair in Lincoln NE. We will have you looking your best in no time.

winter signage repair in Lincoln NE

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