The Importance of Monument Signs for Your Business

Monument signs are an important way for your business to make a statement. Not only do they show people passing by that you exist, but they also indicate the quality of your establishment. Monument signs are effective in areas such as those that are set back from the street, behind parking lots, or on large commercial properties or campuses. Having a great monument sign can make a big difference in the success of your business.

What is a Monument Sign

A monument sign is designed to be visible from a distance

A monument sign is a large, freestanding signage structure designed to be visible from a distance. They are usually made from masonry materials such as stone, brick, stucco, concrete, or metal and typically feature a business’s logo, brand, and name. Monument signs are a great way to communicate who you are and what your business is about to potential customers, and they can help create an inviting atmosphere for customers to come and visit. Monument signs are often used in front of commercial properties, schools, churches, and other public places. They provide an impactful first impression of your business and can add a sense of permanence and professionalism. Monument signs can also be a great way to direct customers to the right place on a large property or campus.

Monument Sign Characteristics

A great monument sign should be placed at ground level and street side, close to the entrance of your business. This will help attract potential customers and create a lasting impression on passersby. The sign should also be impressive, making a statement about your business and providing a sense of presence. Durability and materials are also key; a quality sign should be able to stand up to all types of weather conditions, as well as changing trends in design. Finally, the architectural design should flow with the environment, providing a cohesive look that complements the surroundings. Illuminated signs are especially popular for creating an inviting atmosphere and can be used to emphasize your logo or message.

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