The Importance of Wayfinding Signs for Your Business

Wayfinding signage, just as the name suggests, helps you in wayfinding, aka guides your way through the institution of a business or the place at which that business is located. It helps direct you from one point to another and makes finding routes in a new place easier.

Wayfinding Signs Deliver a Great Consumer Experience

Wayfinding Sign
<strong>Wayfinding Signs<strong> guide your way through the institution of a business or the place

Wayfinding signs play an essential role in providing your customers an amazing consumer experience.

They not only help a consumer familiarize himself with the new surroundings, features, amenities, and functions of the space they are currently in, but it also makes them feel safe and comfortable in a place alien to them.

Signs must be easy to read, direct, and at the correct locations so that they can be useful.

An efficient wayfinding signage delivers maximum amount of information to its consumers.

Wayfinding Signs include :

  • Informational Signs: Gives useful information about places, warnings, alerts, etc.
  • Directional Signs: Helps direct the crowd to various locations.
  • Identification Signs: Identifies where the reader is, and point out specific landmarks or structures.

Effective Wayfinding Sign Strategy

An effective strategy is very important while making wayfinding signs.

Here are some of the things you must consider before creating your own wayfinding sign.

  • Make sure it is a simple and sophisticated design. Complicated designs tend to confuse the reader, and hence such designs don’t serve the main purpose.
  • Try to make all the signs of a similar color, appearance, and style so as to give them a neat and well-organized look.
  • Make sure they are legible and easy to read with clear letters that are large in size and have a good font.
  • Place them at the correct locations strategically, so that they are as useful as they are meant to be.

The two types of wayfinding signs are post and panel signs.

Contact Sign-o-Vation for more information about indoor and outdoor wayfinding signs.

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