Is It Time to Upgrade Your Business Signs in Omaha NE?

You may do an excellent job of maintaining your signage. You keep it clean and free of debris. Yet, as with any of your other equipment, your signs will eventually show their wear and tear, and they will no longer bring you the clients, brand recognition, or visibility that they once did. As a matter of fact, your markers may even portray an inaccurate image of your organization, like when a sign is in disrepair or has an old logo.

When do you know that it is time to replace or upgrade your business signs in Omaha NE? We get this question a lot, so Sign-O-vation has put together this guide on how to tell if it is time to upgrade your signage.

Do Your Illuminated Signs Consistently Underperform?

Business Signs in Omaha NEWe have seen tons of hilarious examples of illuminated channel letter signs that have lights that burn out in unfortunate places. There is the Dynasty Buffet which becomes the “Nasty Buffet” when the d and y burn out. Or, the Mattress Company that just becomes a “Mess Company.” When consumers see signs like this, they may assume the worst. We can quickly and affordably change out your burned out lights. Or, you might consider a more permanent solution: LEDs.

Are You Using Environmentally-Unfriendly Lighting?

One of the many services we offer is light retrofitting. We can take your current neon or fluorescent sign and update it with energy-efficient LEDs. There is a long list of advantages to doing this. First, you will not have to worry about maintenance costs since the diodes last for up to ten years of nonstop use. Plus, your utility rates will go down.

Did You Fail to Obtain a Sign Permit before Installing Your Sign?

Business Signs in Omaha NEApprovals and reviews are almost always necessary when you are updating an existing sign or designing a new marker. The regulations behind obtaining a sign permit are not meant to keep business owners down. Instead, they balance the needs of residents and entrepreneurs. We are well-versed on all of the local restrictions and can help you obtain a sign permit in a timely manner.

Do Your Signs Fail to Meet ADA Compliance Standards?

Business Signs in Omaha NEThe Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires you to have certain signs, but creating ADA signs that are compliant, beautiful, and helpful can be tough. Yet, it is possible to create ADA signs that meet the requirements while complementing your interior décor when you rely on our thoughtful planning, design, and careful execution.

Are Your Signs Eyesores?

We commonly see this with cabinet signs. Over time, the panel face will get holes from storm damage or the sun will cause the graphics to fade. Before your sign can adversely affect your company’s image, allow us to reface your lightbox cabinet.

When your markers begin to look shabby, your first instinct might be to get rid of your old sign and get something new. However, not every situation calls for starting with a clean slate. At Sign-O-vation, we can sometimes restore an old sign to improve its effectiveness and look without breaking the bank.

To learn more, contact us for a free quote on upgrading business signs in Omaha NE.

Business Signs in Omaha NE

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