Tips for Vehicle Lettering in Omaha NE

Most of us go out of our way to avoid advertising while riding in our cars. For instance, we will listen to an ad-free music streaming service. Or, we might simply change the channel on the radio when commercials come on. So, the chances are you will be able to avoid being swayed by the marketing campaign of a local contractor or restaurant, right? Think again!

Truck Lettering in Omaha NE

With the popularity of vehicle lettering on cars, vans, trucks, and other vehicles, entrepreneurs and small business owners are staying ahead of the game. Without bothering with radio advertisements, they are letting fellow motorists and neighbors know about what they have to offer. Fortunately, Sign-O-vation is one of the top providers of vehicle lettering in Omaha NE. Let’s explore this solution in more detail.

Why Install Vehicle Lettering?

Vehicle Window Lettering Omaha NE

Fleet managers can market their business in a convenient and inexpensive way using vehicle lettering. While getting the most bang for your buck, you can also avoid dealing with the hassles associated with other advertising outlets, such as billboard regulations. Here are some of the main benefits of truck lettering:

  • When it comes to cost per impression, vehicle lettering is much more effective than newspaper, radio, or television ads.
  • When consumers see your branded vehicles, they will assume that others in the neighborhood use your services, which will boost your brand’s image and build trust.
  • It is the most affordable way to put your enterprise’s name and contact information on your fleet.

And, the list goes on.

4 Ways to Make Your Vehicle Lettering Look Great


When choosing vinyl lettering for your company vehicles, consider these tips:

  1. Show Creativity with Colors and Fonts – Create an image that will grab attention while keeping your corporate colors consistent. You will catch more eyes when your ads are more colorful. Consequently, you will garner more consumer interest when you have an interesting design on your van.
  2. Don’t Go Overboard – When you are trying to drive, you do not really have time to read a long paragraph or a list of bullet points. Instead, you can get the word out with a concise image or message.
  3. Make Your Call-to-Action Clear – When you keep your message clear and feature your website, email address, or phone number, passengers or drivers will be able to simply jot down your contact information or call immediately for more info. When it is easier for people to just call you, there is no need to include a lengthy message on your vehicles.
  4. Be Efficient with Your Space – Why fit all of your information into a small corner of your truck when you have so much space to work with? People are more likely to see and remember a larger graphic.

These tips are second nature to our vehicle graphic professionals. We will take them into consideration and much more as we design vehicle lettering for your company car. If you are interested in taking advantage of this marketing tool, contact Sign-O-vation today for a free consultation on vehicle lettering in Omaha NE.

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