How Are Wall Graphics Made and Installed?

Did you know that many of the murals you see in eateries, retail shops, and other establishments were not painted on the wall by an artist? Instead, business owners throughout Nebraska are commissioning sign companies to fabricate and install digitally printed wall graphics. How is this possible? How are wall graphics made? These questions and more will be answered in today’s blog about wall graphics in Lincoln NE.

It All Starts with an Initial Consultation

wall graphics in Lincoln NEWhenever possible, we prefer to visit local clients to discuss the goals for their project. However, we also take orders and accurate measurements by email or over the phone. During the client consultation, we discuss with you what type of graphics you want for your facility. We review any images or artwork you may want to include in your mural. And, we also take measurements of the target wall at this time.

We make note of any doorways, windows, light switches, or other areas that will require cutouts. We will measure the distance from windows on other walls to the target wall. We can get a good idea of how we should size different design elements by getting the depth of the room.

Getting the Graphics Ready for Printing

wall graphics in Lincoln NEBased on the choice of artwork discussed in the initial consultation, we already know the images you want to feature. We then have to work with the image to make sure the cutouts do not obscure the overall design. Our graphic artists ensure specific style elements within the design do not overwhelm the room and hurt the overall appearance of your mural.

Once we are happy with the sizing and positioning of the graphics, we include any color enhancements you want. For example, some of our clients prefer that their display is just in black and white, while others request a grayscale look with just one color standing out. We provide you with mockups showing any enhancements we may have made to the original art files you supplied us with. And, we get your approval before we do any printing. Next, we print your design out on high-quality vinyl films using our large-format digital printer.

We Install Wall Graphics on Your Schedule

wall graphics in Lincoln NEOur staff works with your schedule when picking the right time and day for installation. We do not want to cause any disruption to your business. On the appointed day, we prepare the wall for the installation process. This entails carefully cleaning the surface. Next, we install the mural one panel at a time. It takes the touch of a professional to correctly match each seam. In the end, we want it to appear as if you have a one-piece graphic.

Once we are done with the process, we clean up after ourselves and leave you with wall graphics that brighten up your office or retail environment. Now that you know how Sign-O-vation makes the best wall graphics in Lincoln NE, why don’t you give our friendly experts a call today for a free consultation?

wall graphics in Lincoln NE

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