Wayfinding Signs

Build Brand Identity

Strategically placed and branded wayfinding signs to provide essential directions for consumers to navigate your premises. Wayfinding signs are a unique opportunity to provide value to consumers, improve their experience, and build a strong brand identity.

Types of Wayfinding Signs:

Improving the Consumer Experience

All signs on for your business should be consumer-centric, always providing value and shaping their experience, and creating positive associations with your brand. Getting lost due to poor directions and signs will tarnish the consumer experience.

Implement a wayfinding signs strategy based on the ideal customer journey to and from your establishment and all the time they spend inside.

Make Sure Your Wayfinding Signs Are:

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Building a Strong Brand Identity

At their core, wayfinding signs should provide a service for the consumer, but they should also serve your brand. Consistency in sign style, materials, colors, textures, and finishes build a strong brand identity.

Customize the sign to reflect your brand personality. Choose brand identifiers, like font style, colors, and tone for cohesion and an aesthetic easily recognized by consumers.

Wayfinding Sign Styles

While there are many styles of signs, find a style that can be replicated to enhance the efficiency of your wayfinding strategy.

Post and panel signs are popular for exterior wayfinding signs. Customize the posts and panels to increase visibility and infuse your brand identity.
Flat-cut letters, panel signs, or vinyl graphics are effective for interior wayfinding signs and are customizable to compliment your interior decor and capture the appropriate atmosphere and tone.

Directories are essential for an office park, corporate campus, hospital, mall, shopping center, government building, and a large facility and commercial property.

Our team can help point you in the right direction for effective wayfinding signs for your business.

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