Why Custom Channel Letter Signs Are So Effective?

Before we dig deep into the reasons why channel letter signs are such an effective marketing tool, here is a brief description of what they actually are.

Channel letter signs are 3-dimensional, extruding from the wall, letter signs that are made up of heavy-duty materials, usually aluminum making it rust and moisture proof. The anterior part of the characters are covered with transparent acrylic, and they generally display the name of the store on the storefront and are mounted on monuments and sign panels.

What Makes Custom Channel Letter Signs So Effective?

There are numerous benefits of custom channel letter signs. A few of them are : 

<strong>Channel letter signs<strong> increases the visibility of your storefront
  • Perfect visibility because of its protruding nature, regardless of whether or not it is lit, it is visible to the common eye and can be read easily.
  • They are long lasting, not only because they are made up of a sturdy material, but also because aluminum can stand up very well to the different aspects of nature.
  • It can be customized instantly and easily without much of a hassle. 
  • It gives your brand an identity and instills its name and logo in the minds of the traffic passing by. It can be personalized according to the brand’s need and message; after all, the quality and design of your storefront sign defines the professionalism and quality of your brand and sets its first impression. 

Lighting Options for Channel Letter Signs

You can get your channel letter signs lit which increases the visibility of your storefront sign even during the night.

The different types of lit channel letter signs are: 

  • Front-lit channel letter signs – The standard front-lit channel letters are illuminated internally with either LEDs or neon lights, lighting the “face” of each letter.
  • Back-lit channel letter signs –  Back-lit channel letter signs have metal faces and returns, but a clear illuminated back.
  • Combination – They are made of acrylic faces and aluminum returns. They provide intense illumination and halo-effect, due to which they are highly popular and have a striking presence.

LED lighting is low maintenance, high performing, and it adds an extra dimension and personality to your sign.

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