Window Privacy Film

Customized For Your Space

Use window privacy film on storefront windows or office environment to promote and increase brand awareness. In an open space environment, window privacy film can give you the privacy you need to be productive without limiting natural light and maintaining the open, collaborative and unifying atmosphere.

Types of Window Privacy Film:

Window Privacy Film for the Office

Interior window privacy film offers endless design possibilities. The style is versatile and easily adaptable to your environment and brand identity. Besides privacy, window privacy allows you to personalize and create brand awareness with interior office decor and control the room’s temperature.

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Characteristics of Privacy Film

Frosted Window Privacy Film – gives a subtle and sophisticated frosted appearance. Adds privacy without blocking out natural sunlight.

Etched Window Privacy Film – precision carve and cut images, text, or graphics to personalize and strengthen your brand identity. Great way to infuse your logo, graphics, imagery, and mission statement into the office atmosphere.

Textured Window Privacy Film – adding textured window film to glass surfaces can create a unique visual that you can easily replicate throughout the office for a consistent brand aesthetic. You can evenly apply the textured vinyl to the entire glass surface or let it transition gradually from textured to smooth glass. You can control the sightlines, strategically adding privacy where necessary.

Storefront Window Privacy Film

Create engaging, eye-catching, and head-turning promotional storefront window graphics with one-way viewing possibilities.

Perforated window privacy film for storefront windows will boost brand awareness for consumers passing by outside while providing customers, clients, and employees privacy while they are inside your establishment.

Cost-Effective Branding

Window privacy film is good for your brand and budget.

Design specifically for your brand and tailor all design specifications, like size, placement, and style, to the environment. The quick turnaround, printing, and installation make window privacy film a cost-effective branding solution.

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