6 Tips for Making Your Next Event a Success

Trade shows, fundraisers, concerts, sporting events, and sales meetings all require well-executed visual communications and careful planning. For your big events, it is crucial that you provide unforgettable, branded visual graphics since you only have a few seconds to catch the eyes of attendees. Fortunately, Sign-O-vation is a top supplier of event signs in Lincoln NE. To get you started, here are six ideas that can help you before, during, and after your event:

1. Don’t Leave Planning for the Day of the Event

event signs in Lincoln NEThis one is a no-brainer, but it is important for you to build excitement and encourage attendance for your event by advertising it in advance. Printed materials and banners can be useful for promoting your event and drawing crowds to attend.

2. Litter the Venue with Your Brand

Use colorful table covers, fabric backdrops, and wall graphics featuring your branding to transform your convention hall. If you have a stage, wrap the podium with graphics or create unique displays that event-goers cannot avoid looking at while event speakers deliver their verbal message.

3. Sign Placement Is Key

event signs in Lincoln NEIf you want to stop attendees in their tracks, then place your markers in strategic locations where foot traffic is high. Plan attention-grabbing copy that promotes event activities and informs people.

4. Think Outside of the Box

This old trope has a literal use in the sign industry. Most signs are rectangular. However, with custom shapes, you are more likely to catch the eyes of event-goers. Also, make the most of every surface by using wall, floor, or window graphics to put your message in more places.

5. Show People Where to Go

event signs in Lincoln NEWhenever you are in a facility for the first time, there is the potential for confusion. You can avoid the stress of navigating the new surroundings with simple to understand safety and directional signs. Help people find their way by positioning these markers throughout the venue.

6. Show Appreciation for Attendees

Capture the focus of event-goers one last time as they leave by placing banners, feather flags, and A-frame signs thanking sponsors and attendees near the exit.

To create a seamless experience, even biweekly all hands on deck meetings and annual conventions need distinctive visual graphics and signs. The consistent use of signage helps visitors get where they need to go safely, remain engaged throughout the event, and stay informed. Visual graphics can help you make the most of your events whether you choose directional signs and banners or unique décor applications and printed materials promoting the event.

We Do It All

Does all of this information have you feeling a little overwhelmed? Don’t worry! We can help! We have experience helping organizations prepare for events, and we can recommend the event signs in Lincoln NE that are sure to make your gathering a success. We base our suggestions on your budget, goals, and venue.

If you are ready to start planning for an upcoming event, contact the friendly professionals at Sign-O-vation today for a free consultation.

event signs in Lincoln NE

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