Illuminated Signs

Light your business up

Illuminated signs will amplify your brand identity and create stronger, longer-lasting impressions on consumers. Lighting a business sign will increase awareness, visibility and be custom-created to highlight and accentuate your brand story.

Regardless of the weather conditions or the time of day, illuminated signs attract even the most distracted and passive consumer and drive more traffic to your business.

Illuminated signs may include:

Benefits of Lighting Business Signs

Adding lighting to a business sign, whether it’s inside or outside your business, has many more benefits than simply illuminating your brand and increasing visibility. The right lighting style, combined with the right sign, can engage and connect with consumers and make your brand more attractive.

Lighting adds energy and dimension and can shape the entire mood of your sign. Reaching consumers on an emotional level builds a positive brand association and drives brand affinity.

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Low-Cost, High-Performance LED Lighting

These are the three characteristics that embody LED lighting and have allowed business owners to illuminate their business signs without breaking the budget or increasing their workload.

LED lights are durable and weather resistant. Unlike neon or traditional light bulbs, LED lights do not run hot and are not impacted by extreme and fluctuating temperatures.
Illuminating Interior Signs.

While exterior business signs are the more obvious choice for lighting, interior signs, like a lobby logo sign and reception signs, can help shape the consumer experience and increase brand awareness.

Customize Lighting Options

Personalize and customize the lighting to tell your brand story, engage your target audience, deliver a clear brand message, and shape the consumer experience.

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