Sign Maintenance & Repair

Keep A Fresh Look

Our services extend beyond the installation. We stand by our work and follow up on our signs to provide the necessary maintenance and repairs. Besides the natural wear and tear that comes with age, numerous threats can impact the state of your signs, especially to exterior signs.

Maintenance and Repair Services Include, but Are Not Limited To:

Routine Sign Maintenance

Signs are your best brand ambassadors and should always look their best. Routine maintenance, cleaning off dirt and debris, dusting off cobwebs, and fixing minor damage, ensures you uphold the integrity of your brand.

While this may seem like a simple task, you will need to know the best products and solutions to clean the sign without causing damage to the materials. You can easily remove graffiti, stickers, markers, and paint if you know what products to use.

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Exterior signs may seem like they are the most vulnerable. However, interior signs can also fade, warp, and suffer damage. Exposure to sunlight may cause some materials to fade over time, requiring routine maintenance to keep them performing and representing your brand.

Reaching and Repairing Signs Safely

Exterior signs are often in high and hard-to-reach places, so you need professional sign technicians who can safely and securely reach the sign to perform the necessary maintenance.

An electric sign with a broken bulb or a flickering light will reflect poorly on your brand and require immediate attention by a skilled technician with electrical experience.

Refresh and Upgrade

Sometimes your signs just need a little pick-me-up. Give an old sign an upgrade with fresh paint, replace a broken panel, or reposition the sign to revitalize and refresh.

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