Channel Letters

Everything you want in a sign

Channel letter signs are among the most popular styles of storefront signs. These signs incorporate all the things we want in a custom sign to help increase brand awareness, interest, visibility and define your brand to your audience.

Channel letter logo signs are:

Customizing and Personalizing Channel Letter Signs

The endless design possibilities for channel letter signs allow you to capture your brand personality and build a strong brand identity.

Custom-shaped channel letters replicate your exact brands aesthetic, like a signature font or image. State-of-the-art tools, technology, and skilled fabricators will custom bend each letter to ensure consistency and precision.

Tailor channel letters to the specific location so that it flows with their environment. Finding the right proportions, shape, and height will create the most pleasing visual and impact consumers.

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Dimensional Channel Letters

Dimensional letters and signs create energy and movement. Because they pop out from the surface, a 3D sign is more likely to attract the attention of busy pedestrians and commuters. Their dynamic nature will imprint in the minds of consumers and make them more memorable.

Color Matching Channel Letters

Color is a powerful tool and often the first thing that consumers see and recognize about a brand. Color matching is a vital step in the process. Finding the exact color to replicate other marketing and branding tools will increase brand recognition and recall.

Lighting Options for Channel Letters

LED lighting options are high-impact, low-maintenance, and energy-efficient and add a beautiful and bright glow to channel letter signs, even in daylight hours.

Lighting styles include:

Front-lit – Lights up the face of each letter. Great for colorful channel letter signs

Back-lit – Lights from behind, creating a soft and sophisticated halo-like appearance. The face of the letters will appear black. 

Combination-lit – Customize your lighting and find the right combination to enhance your sign.

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