Monument Signs

A Landmark for your Business

Monument signs are large, grand, sculptural signs placed at the entrance to your commercial property. Impress pedestrians and commuters, show pride in your brand, and increase visibility. A great monument sign can become a recognizable landmark in our area and give your brand strength and credibility.

Characteristics of a monument sign:

The Purpose of a Monument Sign

If you are located away from the street, on a large commercial property, or behind a parking lot, having a monument sign is a major player in your sign strategy.

Make your business easier to find by placing a custom-designed monument sign street-side, clearly identifying your location to people passing by.

Monument signs are your biggest brand ambassadors and often the first identifying sign that consumers see. Their size and architectural design make them impressive, confident, and dramatic.

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Architectural Monument Sign

A monument sign is a large solid structure that you can sculpt to capture your brand identity and style. However, a monument sign should also look good and add beauty to the surrounding environment.

Architectural elements make the monument sign unique to your brand and flow organically with the landscape and cityscape. Match the materials from the monument sign to your building to create a cohesive vision that helps consumers find and navigate your property.

Incorporating natural shapes, textures, colors, lines, and other architectural details makes a great impression and improve brand visibility, awareness, and affinity.

Lighting Options

Illuminate monument signs from within or without. With internal illumination, you can highlight specific aspects of the monument sign, like the name of your business or building. Lighting will add dimension and energy and turn more heads.

External lighting will shine a light on the entire monument sign. The style of your external lights should complement the sign and add value.

The choice, as always, comes down to personal style and what will make the sign more impactful and effective.

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