We Answer Your FAQs on Vehicle Wraps in Lincoln NE

These days, businesses looking to build their name recognition and private car owners who want to display their individuality are turning to vehicle wraps. In fact, our phones are kind of ringing off the hook for these graphics. We have put together some answers to FAQs we commonly get on vehicle wraps in Lincoln NE. They should help you decide whether wraps are right for your enterprise.

What Is a Vehicle Wrap Anyway?

vehicle wraps in Lincoln NEWe produce vehicle wraps of any shape, size, or color. A full wrap completely covers the surface of your truck, van, boat, car trailer, or any other vehicle you bring into us. Or, when you choose a partial wrap, we work with your paint job and cover only specific parts of your vehicle with vinyl to create a cohesive design. We only use vinyl adhesive films that were specifically designed for vehicle wraps. Thanks to our specialized equipment and tools, the wrap conforms to the contours of your vehicle.

Are Wraps Affordable?

vehicle wraps in Lincoln NEThere are seemingly limitless solutions when choosing a wrap. The cost of your vehicle graphics depends on a number of factors, such as whether you pick printed vinyl versus solid, the shape of your vehicle, the color and type of vinyl you want, and how big your car is. Most of the time, a wrap will cost you less than $5,000. However, you should give us a call for a more accurate estimate.

Are Vehicle Wraps Effective at Advertising My Organization?

Let’s compare mobile marketing to traditional advertising methods. Potential customers with ad blockers will not see your advertisement when you pick pay-per-click ads online, and even if they do see your marketing message, it will be next to your main rivals’ listings. Billboards only reach motorists who happen to drive by them, and they cost thousands of dollars per month. And, a radio ad will promote your company for half a minute if your target audience tunes in at the right time and does not change the channel.

On the other hand, your vehicle wrap will reach tens of thousands of views every day as you drive the roads of Nebraska. You are marketing 24 hours a day, seven days a week even when your truck is parked in front of your shop. Wraps will give you this level of exposure for up to five years.

What Will a Wrap Do to My Paint Job?

vehicle wraps in Lincoln NEVehicle wrap materials will not affect your factory paint job if it was in good condition to begin with since the vinyl films used for car graphics are made with harmless removable adhesives. As a matter of fact, your wrap may actually help with your car’s resale value because of its protective abilities. That is, your wrapped paint job will be blocked from the abuse it may have otherwise endured.

If you need vehicle wrap installation, design, maintenance, or printing services or if you have more questions, contact Sign-O-vation today for a free consultation on vehicle wraps in Lincoln NE.

vehicle wraps in Lincoln NE

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