How to Shop for LED Signs in Columbus NE

These days, LED signs are a popular way for schools, churches, and other organizations to get connected with their local community. LED signs are generally viewed as a public service rather than a pushy marketing medium, and research shows that they provide the lowest cost per impression. Thankfully, Sign-O-vation is one of the top companies for LED signs in Columbus NE. Below, we will help you in your search for LED signs for your business.

Should You Look Online?

LED signs in Columbus NEIt is important that you research your LED sign alternatives throughout the entire buying process. Since the Internet can provide you with so much info, it can be both a blessing and a curse. As you are conducting your research, you need to learn about LED signs while also finding the right local sign shop. While the web is a great place to learn about signage, it is a horrible place to actually buy a sign.

You can also research LED signs the old-fashioned way. Drive around town and see if there are any markers that catch your eyes. Once you see one you like, ask the business owner about it. Who made it? What size is it? What is the resolution? This will help you determine what you want for your enterprise.

Choosing the Right Sign Maker

LED signs in Columbus NEYour next step is to reach out to a sign shop once you have thoroughly researched your options. When it comes to building codes, installation, design, permitting, safety, and placement, they are a vital resource. In the long run, using a reputable sign company will save you time and money. If you are unsure about who to call, look for a sign maker with years of experience with the kind of marker you want to purchase. Look for customer reviews online, and check their website for photos of projects they have completed in the past.

When you go with an online outfit, you might get a sign you like, but you are left trying to get a permit, installing it, and, if anything should go wrong, the online retailer will not be of much assistance.

Not All LED Signs Are the Same

LED signs in Columbus NEWe get a lot of requests for quotes for LED signs, and sometimes, comparing quotes is like comparing apples to oranges. Every sign company has different line items that they include or leave out of their quotes. At Sign-O-vation, we provide comprehensive estimates, so you are not surprised by any hidden costs. We just ask that in your decision-making process you pay close attention to the brand, resolution, communication method, services, and pixel matrix quoted by other companies for your LED sign. Sometimes, a low estimate will exclude vital services or be for a lower resolution sign than you wanted.

Shopping for an LED sign for your company may seem like a daunting task, but it does not need to be. Our trained technicians have the heart of a teacher and will meet with you to make sure you understand your options. For a free consultation on LED signs in Columbus NE, contact us today!

LED signs in Columbus NE

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